Get SMART with AppraisalVision for Encompass.

AppraisalVision gives your team one interface for all of your AMCs, standardizing how you place and manage orders inside of Encompass.


Turn the appraisal process into a SMART process: save time, reduce cost, and improve efficiency and quality.

How it works:

  • Get access to our network top performing AMCs without leaving Encompass
  • Place SMARTOrders
  • Manage the order from start to finish
  • Receive high-quality appraisal reports via SMARTReview


  • Fully integrated with Encompass (next-gen API)
  • Same process and communication regardless of the AMC
  • Standardized fees across all AMC's - for accurate completion of the loan estimate
  • Real-time turn-times based on the loan type, form type, and market (zip code)
  • Advanced analytics for managing quality, performance, and compliance
  • Support for custom screens in Encompass